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Manage your commercial real estate anytime, anywhere, for free. Consolidate portfolio data and the people who need access to it in one place. Leverage the platform to gain unparalleled access to exclusive insurance and financing products.

Optimized Portfolio

Gain unparalleled insight and easily manage opportunities and exposure across the portfolio

Transparent Insurance

Finally, commercial P&C insurance made easy. Get your quote today!

Team Collaboration

Streamline your day-to-day by combining the people, property, and tools on one platform

Asset Management

Property info, files, tasks, rent roll, and financials on one platform.


Join the first dedicated community of commercial real estate professionals.

Property Insurance

Fast, honest, and affordable insurance for your asset and portfolio.

Asset Financing

Commercial mortgage financing that works for you.

Powerful and Efficient

Your Tech-Enabled Manager

Transform your asset data into actionable insight and eliminate painful manual processes — all in one platform.

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You could save 25% or more on insurance.

More than just an insurance brokerage

  • Quick Digital Application

  • Online Policy Management

  • Tenant COI Tracking

  • Free Portfolio Management Suite

“I had been using the same insurance brokerage for years, but by managing my portfolio on Obie, I was able to easily request new quotes that saved me almost 15% over my existing premium--something my old brokerage wasn't able to do. That kind of instant savings substantially increases IRR and cash on cash returns. Using Obie has been a no-brainer.”

Doug Hirsh

President - Palomar Properties
“Commercial real estate is plagued with frustrating processes and frequent delays because of how disconnected the parties are. If you bring the people and data together on one platform, you can streamline almost every aspect of owning or acquiring a property.”

JD Ross

Co-Founder - Opendoor
“Procuring property and casualty insurance was an inefficient, opaque, and time-consuming process. Obie’s platform brings a refreshing data-driven approach that provides unprecedented speed and efficiency to the process”

Zach Aarons

Partner - MetaProp